• I'm not vegan, and I almost ejected when I couldn't find meat. I'm glad I stuck it out. Had the Samosa and Chana Bhatura.... HEAVAN!!!!!!! I'll be back!

  • First time here at Chaat House and as a person who typically eats Americanized Indian food, I thought it was pretty good. Came here on a Monday lunch and there was quite a crowd but we were seated very quickly, the service is excellent!
    - House Thali - Pretty good! For the price, the portion sizes are huge but there was this one curry that was pretty spicy (noted: my spice tolerance is not that high). I wasn't the biggest fan of the dessert.
    - Dahi Papdi Chaat - I think this restaurant really lives up to its name, Chaat House. The Chaat was delicious with just the right onion flavor as well as various textures throughout the dish. It's not the prettiest looking dish, but is tastes pretty good.
    Overall, pretty good experience at Chaat House. One recommendation, don't drink Sprite with the food, the Sprite begins to taste like the food you are eating.

  • All the stars are for the food. Simple home style food with great flavor and generous amounts of ghee. Service could definitely be better. But I will overlook that because I'm a huge fan of their cooking.

  • I went here the other day with my mom for lunch. The food was good. We didn't order the lunch thali, but I will definitely try one of those next time. We just ordered off the entree menu and got aloo gobi and paneer sagg.
    They did a great job with both dishes.

  • I have no idea how to pronounce anything that I am eating in this Bhel Thali, but damn every single dish tastes amazing. Apparently Thali translates to an arrangement of small dishes, glad to now know this. The Masala Tea tastes great paired with the rice/milk dessert that comes with the Bhel Thali. One underrated aspect of this place, they serve you a water glass and leave you with a pitcher of water. I was ready to walk in here and order 2 cups of water because of how damn hot it is outside, but I didn't need to, I had my pitcher, of which I drink half. I'll definitely be back to order the Bhel Thali again, which will likely have a different assortment of dishes next time, since they apparently change daily. Looking forward to trying new flavors. Om nom nom.

  • Very good lunch thali. Very polite staff. Plenty of parking. Clean and consistent. Good value for money.